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Sex Therapy.

Why choose your Sex Therapy and Couples Counselling from our clinics in Oxford Street Manchester or Birchwood in Warrington and throughout the North west?

ex therapyThere are a number of reasons. Our therapists are Relate trained and have many years experience in counselling and psychotherapy and are accredited counsellors and psychotherapists with the BACP (accred) and members of COSRT, BABCP and EMDR. Your sessions will be conducted discreetly in a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment in our Centres at Oxford Street in Manchester and Birchwood in Warrington. We ensure that each session is perfectly tailored to you, so that you can move at your own pace and will never be pushed or held back during your Therapy.

The time you spend here is for you. It is a time to take care of your emotional wellbeing, to work through your sexual and relationship problems and work towards your goals.
If its worth keeping then its worth working for!

Psycho Sexual Therapy

Our Therapists are experienced professionals who have or are working within the NHS and with Relate and are qualified to work with your sexual and relationship problems privately and discreetly.

They work with you or you and your partner to help you to work out your problem and how and why it is affecting you as a loving couple and interfering with your relationship.

Lots of people have Relationship and sexual difficulties, however, they don't think they can be helped or are too embarrassed to ask for help and decide to 'live with it'. They may end up having affairs, or choose to live in a way which may be potentially damaging to their relationship, themselves, their partner and their loved ones.

What is a Psycho sexual Therapist?

A psychosexual therapist - or Sex Therapist is a professional who specialises in working with problems of a sexual nature and has been trained to diagnose and treat all kinds of sexual difficulties, as well as helping you or you and your partner, to work with the cause.

Our professionals have an background in Psychological therapies and have been working as Counsellors or Psychotherapists for a number of years in areas such as the NHS, Relate, Occupational Health, Private Organisations and Insurance companies.

What causes sexual problems?

The problems can be caused by lots of different reasons, some of which are below;

  • Physical: Which includes the effect of medications or an accident.
  • Situational: This would include times like holidays, or a change in your living patterns.
  • Emotional: General unhappiness which can include Relationship breakdown, affairs - work issues, bereavement and worry.
  • Psychological: Including, anxiety, depression, past experiences.

Some of the problems you or your partner may be experiencing include;

  • Erectile dysfunction difficulty in having or keeping an erection
  • Male and female loss of desire 'just don't feel like it' - 'we're more like brother and sister really'
  • Painful intercourse e.g. vaginismus
  • Worries, concerns, life changes
  • Myths over certain areas of sex
  • Inorgasmia: No longer have or have never had an orgasm
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Difficulty ejaculating
  • Confusion with your sexual identity

There are many other reasons why intimacy, and a physically loving relationship may have become a problem either recently or gradually over many years. Please call in confidence and discuss your issues and concerns. Our Relate trained Psychosexual therapist will be happy to help you with all aspects of your sexuality and problems.

Our Client Testimonials

Depression (Swinton)

I finally feel that somebody listened and understood me. Thank you for that - you will be with me in my head and my heart forever.

Life coaching (Altrincham)

I was confused and felt bullied at work. Now I have a new life and job and I'm doing what I always wanted to do. Making the decisions I did was made so much easier with you by my side.

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