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Client Testimonials.

All names are withheld for confidentiality.

Abuse survivor (Warrington)

Thank you for the help you have given to my son and myself. With your help we can both begin to live the life we deserve.

Bereaved (Wigan)

You have helped me to find a path through my pain and sorrow. I feel that I am ready to help other women like me - all of this pain had to be for a reason.'

Depression (Liverpool)

Thanks for all of your support at a time I thought I was going mad. You helped me to understand why I was feeling like I was. I will never forget you.

Relationship issues (Widnes)

We both want to say thanks for your help and to let you know we have agreed a date for our wedding.

Depression (Swinton)

I finally feel that somebody listened and understood me. Thank you for that - you will be with me in my head and my heart forever.

Bereaved (Knutsford)

After losing my daughter I thought I would die too. Somehow I'm still here and I know that she is with me always. I can see things more clearly now. Thank you for that.

Life coaching (Altrincham)

I was confused and felt bullied at work. Now I have a new life and job and I'm doing what I always wanted to do. Making the decisions I did was made so much easier with you by my side.

Past and current Issues (Warrington)

I would like to say a big thank you for all your help. I wasnt sure you would understand but you seemed to know what it was I wanted to say. I feel better and I have made my mind up to move forwards in many different ways now and thats thanks to you.

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